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Disability Insurance

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  Disability Insurance And Disability Insurance Quotes


Disability Insurance

For the Short Term or For The Long Term,
Disability Insurance Can Preserve Your Way Of Life!

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Professionals, It's True! If you are under the age of 35, there is a 1 in 3 chance that a disability will last for at least six months!   During your working years, women have a 54% chance and men have a 43% chance of a serious disability!   At 45, your chances of a disability are four times greater then death!

Because paying for life's expenses are not always as certain as your responsibilities... We offer, 30 plus years of experience, "Cost Effective Choices" and "Personalized Service." These top rated companies can all but alleviate your income continuation problem, while offering some of the best definitions, and lowest premiums in the industry!

Top Rated Disability Companies

AIG American General Assurity
Bostom Mutual
Guardian The Hartford Mass Mutual MetLife
Mutual of Ohama Principal Union Central  

Calculate   Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance Needs!

What It Is
Disability insurance was created to insure you for a disabling sickness or injury, these plans will provide an individual the ability to continue their standard of living. They are designed to replace up to 60% of taxable income. As you can observe above, there are a significant number of carriers available to search out the best occupational definitions, and occupational rating classes for your particular profession.

Q. If you cannot work on a  permanent basis, what will Social Security Disability Insurance cover?
A. Social Security has a cap on the amount of benefits you'll receive. In most cases, there will be a 5-month waiting period before eligibility, plus another 7 months before you even receive a benefit check. In addition, 56% of all claims are rejected by Social Security.

If you collect these benefits, do you have to pay
Income Tax on them?

Provided you pay the premiums out of your own pocket on an after-tax basis, the benefits are not taxable.
However, if premiums are deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis such as in a Section 125 cafeteria plan, benefits will be taxable. If your employer pays part of the premiums, therefore, only the portion of the benefit that is attributable to your own contributions will be tax-free.

Not all insurance products from all insurance companies are available in all states.

Note:  We do not provide legal or tax advice. The general information presented on various tax aspects contained in this site are not intended to be relied upon as tax advice. Individuals should seek the advice of a qualified tax professional regarding the taxation of these benefits as they apply to your particular situation. 
These benefits are offered in all states except: AK, HI, & WY. License #'s: CA: OC38446 MT: 29724 F00-0283-LC 

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