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The Application and Underwriting Process

The application process is under way when you have received your disability benefit illustration and premium quote, and one of our experienced licensed representatives will contact you to answer your questions and give you the opportunity to apply for coverage.


The Process

Completing The Application

The information for your application is taken and reviewed by your agent/font>  Application information is taken over the phone in an easy 5 minute interview. 

Completing The Medical Examination

A medical examination is scheduled and completed and sent to the underwriting

Insurance medical examinations are generally done by para-medicals, who are licensed health professionals, and are independent contractors hired by the insurance company. The basic medical examination can include a physical exam, urine specimen, and blood work. For higher amounts of disability insurance coverage, a treadmill, EKG, and X-ray are usually required.

- Get a good night's rest the night before your exam.
- Fast for at least eight hours before the exam.
- Don't smoke or chew tobacco for at least an hour before the exam.
- Avoid coffee, tea, or other caffeine drinks prior to the exam.
- Avoid alcoholic beverages for at least 36 hours prior to the exam.
- Limit salt intake and high-cholesterol food 24 hours before your exam.
- Don't engage in strenuous physical activities 24 hours before the exam.

Do not misstate your medical history in order to get a better insurance rate classification.

Insurance companies will investigate your medical history through the results of your medical examination and inquiries to the
Medical Information Bureau (MIB), which is a clearinghouse of medical information for all insurance companies.

Medical Underwriting

Each insurer sets its own underwriting standards. Then each application for insurance is reviewed to determine if the applicant meets those standards. Disability insurance underwriting requires total medical underwriting and risk classification.  Medical underwriting involves assessing the applicant's risk of disability.  Underwriters have the option to order whatever additional medical tests they deem necessary  Disability insurance applicants are grouped together into
occupational risk classes and charged premiums relative to their risk classification. Applicants in a higher risk classification are charged a lower premiums.  Remember, medical underwriting differs only slightly from company to company.

Risk Classifications

Your underwriting risk classification
and premium rate is established by the insurance company's underwriter.

Quoting A Premium

The underwriter will then quote a premium cost to provide the requested coverage to you with the option to accept

Not all insurance products from all insurance companies are available in all states.

Note:  We do not provide legal or tax advice. The general information presented on various tax aspects contained in this site are not intended to be relied upon as tax advice. Individuals should seek the advice of a qualified tax professional regarding the taxation of these benefits as they apply to your particular situation.  These benefits are offered in all states except: AK, HI, & WY. License #'s: CA: OC38446 MT: 29724 F00-0283-LC 

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