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 Disability Insurance Needs


You need enough disability insurance coverage to provide you with sufficient income to live on until you are able to return to work or receive other financial resources retirement, social security, and so on.  

Ask Yourself ...  Could  I still pay my  bills without my income?
The problem is managing the cost of disability without turning your savings into debt when disability strikes. Uncovered medical expenses and monthly household bills would still have to be paid or your family's lifestyle may have to change dramatically.


When healthy and working

we earn normal income, we save,
and have normal expenses!


When disabled and not working

we have decreased income,
increased expenses, and greater debt!

The choices are these:


Borrow money

Borrowing money when your household income has dropped substantially may be very difficult. or not a choice at all.

Use of your savings

Raiding your savings can have
long-term consequences.

Sell property or assets

You've worked hard to establish your lifestyle. Loss of income could force you to
sacrifice your home or other assets at fire-sale prices

Live on spouse's income

Will your spouse's income be adequate for your family to maintain their lifestyle?

Purchase Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance will provide
extra income so you don't have to worry about losing what you've worked long and hard to achieve.

Why Disability Income Insurance?
Chances of being disabled for three months or longer before age 65


Source: 1985 Commissioners Individual Disability A Table

How much disability insurance do I need?

The benefits purchased through a disability policy are quoted as monthly income that you receive if disabled. Consider your monthly income after taxes as the base amount you would need. If you have other sources of income, that should be considered in the amount you apply for. In addition to the monthly amount, an individual needs to consider the length of time you want to collect benefits, and when you would need them to begin. Pay attention to the premium amount also. Don't buy more coverage than you can reasonably afford. 

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