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 Disability Insurance Optional Benefits


To enhance your disability insurance coverage and your ability to design specific benefits to your specific situation, many optional benefits are usually offered by the disability insurance carrier.

Graded Lifetime Extension Benefit Period 
Very few policies will to offer a lifetime benefit period.

The benefit is consider at a percentage of the listed total benefit. This benefit is usually used when retirement planning is at issue.

Cost of Living Adjustment Rider>  A Very Important Addition
This is why a cost of living adjustment rider is an important benefit because it keeps your policy up to date with inflation.. 

Adjustments to the monthly benefit are generally made to the policy on an annual basis and usually begin after 12 months of disability and continue to age 65.

The adjusted cost of living increases are usually adjusted by using an indicator such as the consumer price index and are usually limited to a maximum increase of 3% to 6% choices of benefit increases.

COLA Increases Remain Upon Recovery 
The cost of living adjustment rider increase remain as part of the policy benefits when a recovery occurs. Some companies return the benefit amount to the original benefit amount.

Future Increase Option Rider
This is for income growth you may need in the future. It offers an opportunity to purchase additional coverage without providing evidence of health insurability.

Automatic Increase Rider
This is a way to keep your policy coverage in sink with your needs due to regular increases in income before you are disabled. Many companies have different definition as to amount of benefit, and to when and how, this benefit is applied.

Social Insurance Substitute Rider (Offset)
Since benefits from various types of  a social insurance substitute rider helps when social insurance may or may not be payable for a given disability. This benefit offsets the amount paid by social insurance.

Group Disability Insurance Replacement Rider 
This benefit replaces lost group disability insurance benefits when an insureds employment ends, or an employer ends, with replacement, a current group long term disability plan. Usually, no evidence of health insurability is required.

Unemployment Premium Waiver Option Rider
This amounts to a waiver of premium if the insured becomes unemployed. Other qualifications may apply, see policy benefit language.

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