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 Principal Financial Group Disability Insurance


As a global leader our mission at the Principal Financial Group is to help growing businesses, individuals and institutional clients achieve financial security and success, resulting in excellent shareholder value.

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Disability Insurance For Individuals

Your income is your most valuable asset. Protecting your income allows you to continue to enjoy what it pays for - your home, your cars, your food, college and vacations - from now until the day you retire. Individual disability income insurance from Principal Financial Group is the protection you need to help you maintain your lifestyle and protect your family's future if you should become too sick or hurt to work.

Disability Insurance For Businesses

If you are a business owner, the potential of a disability poses a triple threat:

  • Individual Disability Income Insurance
    Keeping a roof over you and your family's heads -
    How long could the business continue to pay your personal salary?
  • Overhead Expense Insurance
    Keeping your business' doors open -
    How will you cover your business expenses if you aren't there to bring in income?
  • Disability Buy-Out Insurance
    Keeping your investment intact - How will you get the funds to purchase a disabled co-owner's interest if he or she should become disabled?

Can an  employee live without a paycheck? Provide group long term disability insurance, to provide a great foundation for employees' income protection.

However, the benefits are typically 60% of earned income before taxes. Additional coverage may be necessary to provide complete protection. In addition, when just three or more individuals with a common employer* obtain disability income insurance, all may be eligible to receive a premium discount including you!

* South Dakota requires five.

Policy Form #s DI: HH641/HH700/HH750; OE: HH702; DBO: HH703 Disability insurance has limitations and exclusions. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact your Principal Life financial representative. Approval #564882006

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