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This disability insurance site map supplies you with an easy route to follow to obtain an excellent understanding of today's disability insurance marketplace!


Created to insure you for a disabling sickness or injury, disability insurance will provide an individual the ability to continue their standard of living. It is designed to replace up to 60% of taxable income. http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/

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About Disability Insurance

Types of Disability insurance coverage
Given that disability coverage benefits are determined by an insured's occupational class which in turn determines the length of the elimination period, benefit pay-out period, and any exclusion rider/riders that may be attached to the policy, the following disability insurance types may be found in the insurance industry.  http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/typesofdisabilityinsurancecoverage.html

Five Steps In Judging Disability Insurance Benefits

Renewability Provisions
Most Companies will offer a disability contract that may be guaranteed renewable only or both non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable.

Definition of Total Disability
The best policy definition of total disability will state that you are unable to work at your regular occupation because of sickness or injury. http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/definitionsoftotaldisability.html

Residual Disability Benefits
This provision will define the benefits you may receive if you are able to work but your earnings are reduced as a result of disability. http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/residualdisabilitybenefits.html

Optional Benefits
To enhance your coverage and your ability to design specific benefits to your specific situation many optional benefits are usually offered.

Other Policy Benefits
The best policies contain additional provisions designed to protect your interests. http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/otherpolicybenefits.html

Occupation Definitions
Definitions Of Disability Are Defined By Occupational Classes! What policy language do insurance companies use to determine benefit entitlements?

Occupation Class Look Up
While not all disability insurance companies have developed and use the same occupation class ratings as stated below, we find that the occupation classes used here are reflective of the disability insurance marketplace!  However, on an individual basis, some disability insurance companies may rate some professionals in even higher rate classes then listed.


Like any industry, the disability insurance industry has it's own unique terms. The definitions of these terms are general in nature, and may vary by company and/or state insurance regulations. http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/terms.html

About Disability Insurance Needs

You need enough coverage to provide you with sufficient income to live on until you are able to return to work or receive other financial resources retirement, social security, and so on.
 Ask Yourself ...  Could  I still pay my  bills without my income?

Disability Needs Calculator
Calculate your disability insurance needs.

What are the factors related to the cost of Disability Insurance?

Illustrations Examples
Below are illustrations of disability company definitions and how they might differ!  When you request a quotation from us, we will always supply you with three (3) choices of carriers. Thus a complete set of choices will be available to you. The rule of thumb is that the more liberal the definition the higher the premium. This is because of the increased contractual liability the company has if you should become disabled.

Guardian-Berkshire Policy Illustration Here!        
The Standard Policy Illustration Here!  

Disability Insurance For The Professional

Professionals should only consider a disability insurance contract with own-occupation language and seek out the contract that offers the longest own-occ time period available industry wide.  http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/professionals.html

With Disability Insurance, an insured's Occupational Class will determine the dollar amount of coverage, elimination period, and the benefit pay-out period.  http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/individuals.html

Businesses can guard against the loss of an executive due to a disability by purchasing keyman disability insurance, that is owned by the business, rather than the employee.

Physicians should only consider a disability insurance contract with specialty own-occupation language. http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/physicians.html

Bottom line, when disabled, the Law may take away your ability to continue to practice and earn income!  http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/attorneys.html

Top Rated Disability Insurance Company Products

Companies And Product Benefits
While not all the companies offering disability insurance are listed, the companies below were chosen for their financial strength,  product offerings, and excellent reputation as leaders in the disability insurance marketplace. 


American International Group, Inc. (AIG), world leaders in insurance and financial services, is the leading international insurance organization with operations in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions.

In 1997, the Assurity Life Insurance Company was formed as a subsidiary of Woodmen Accident and Life, and in 2001, the two companies were united with the century-old Lincoln Direct Life Insurance Company, comprising the Lincoln Insurance Group.

Berkshire Life specializes in disability insurance products that are excellent for highly skilled professionals, executives and business owners.


Sample Policy

boston mutual
Founded in 1891, Boston Mutual is dedicated to maintaining high quality products by providing innovative benefits specially designed to meet our clients' cost objectives and their employees' needs

Founded in 1860, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY (Guardian) is the fourth largest mutual life insurance company in the United States.

Nearly 200 years in business, The Hartford is known for financial strength, stability, superior customer service, and operational excellence. The Hartford serves millions of customers worldwide.  http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/hartford.html

MassMutual has a long history of exceptional financial strength.

Headquartered in New York, NY, MetLife and its affiliates offer a full range of insurance and other financial products and services.

mutual of omaha
Short-Term Disability Insurance Designed to help manage an employees bottom line, while providing competitive benefits and reasonable cost.

As a global leader our mission at the Principal Financial Group is to help growing businesses, individuals and institutional clients achieve financial security and success, resulting in excellent shareholder value.

union central
Union Central Life has all definitions of disability that the major carriers offer, including true Own Occupation coverage to age 65 available dependent on the client's occupation.

Business Disability Products

Policies For Businesses
Standard vs. Professional Business Overhead Expense Disability Insurance

Disability Buy Out
You and your partners have invested heavily in time, money and hard work to build your business. You've insured its physical plant, probably your lives and your families' lifestyles with individual DI. Doesn't it make sense to take the next step and ensure that your business can go on even if one of you can't?

Disability Buy Out Insurance
This type of disability insurance is designed specifically to provide the company's owners with the money they would need to reimburse a disabled owner for his or her financial interest in the company.

Keyman Disability insurance

Employer Groups
Group disability protection insurance provides financial benefits to employees when they are unable to work due to a disability caused by a covered illness or injury, regardless of whether or not that illness or injury is work-related.


It's easy to get an individual quote for Disability Income Insurance. Simply fill out the quote request form below.http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/getaquote.html

Please complete the form below to obtain a competitive group long term and/or short term quotation for your business!

DI Group Census Here!

Applying For Coverage

In a few days after you have received you disability benefit illustration and premium quote, one of our licensed and exceptionally experienced representatives will contact you to answer your questions and give you the opportunity to apply for coverage.

Related Topics

Disability Insurance Taxation
Under the Amended Plan, long-term disability benefits received by an employee whose coverage is paid by the Employer on a pre-tax basis for the plan year in which the employee becomes disabled are attributable solely to pre-tax Employer contributions and are includible in the employee’s gross income under  105(a).http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/disabilityinsurancetaxation.html

Social Security Disability
Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are insured, meaning that you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes.  http://disabilityinsurance.termlifeamerica.com/socialsecuritydisability.html

State Insurance Departments
Insurance is regulated by each state’s insurance laws. These laws are enforced by the Insurance Department of each state.


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Lewis Fink is licensed as insurance agents offering these benefits in the following states: Alabama - AL, Arkansas - AR, California - CA, Colorado - CO, Connecticut - CT, Delaware - DE, District of Columbia - DC, Florida - FL, Georgia - GA, Idaho - ID, Illinois - IL, Indiana - IN, Iowa - IA, Kansas - KS, Kentucky - KY, Louisiana - LA, Maine - ME, Maryland - MD, Massachusetts - MA, Michigan - MI, Mississippi - MS, Missouri - MO, Montana - MT, Nebraska - NE, New Mexico - NM, New Jersey - NJ, New York - NY, North Carolina - NC, North Dakota - ND, Ohio - OH, Oklahoma - OK, Pennsylvania - PA, Rhode Island - RI, South Carolina - SC, South Dakota - SD, Tennessee - TN, Texas - TX, Utah - UT, Vermont - VT, Virginia - VA, and Wisconsin - WI.

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